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A Community of 1,000 "Medically Equipped Smart Homes" Powered by Solar and Designed to Provide a Better and More Affordable Alternative to Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.

So what are "Medically Equipped Smart Homes"?

They are state of the art, medically equipped homes that are embedded with the latest technology. These "Smart Homes" will drastically change the way seniors live by allowing them to maintain their independence while living the life of their dreams.

Sweep Feet Technology - Floor mounted cameras monitor 12 inches off the floor.

Floor Safety Illumination Lighting - safety lighting along the floor board and at knee level makes navigating at night possible without having to turn on lights.

Monitoring Systems - In addition to the surveillance cameras, the dwelling has an internet portal by which caregivers can monitor an occupant's vital signs, receive medical alerts, or change the dwelling's temperature and security settings.

Dap Pill Dispenser -  
An 8 compartment pill dispenser will dispense the designated pill or combination of pills.

Force Reduction Flooring -   Floor is made with a special cushioning so in the event of a fall the occupant would be less likely to break a bone. You can drop an egg from 7 feet and the egg will not break.

Smart Toilet -  A toilet that measures a person's weight, temperature and urine content.

Kitchen -   Kitchen would contain a small refrigerator/freezer, 2 burner range top, combination microwave/convection oven and a washer-dryer.

We Are Developing a Community of "Medically Equipped Smart Homes" for Senior Citizens

No longer will Senior Citizens be forced to live in Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities...

They will be able to live in their own "Medically Equipped Smart Home". 

Each  "Smart Home" will be digitally connected to the Community's Activity Center.   This "Smart Home Community" will be unlike anything that is available today.

The Activity Center of the “Smart Homes” Community will be the hub for all activities.


The Activity Center will provide state of the art security and a 24 hour Nurse’s Station. Each "Smart Home” will be enabled with a very sophisticated motion and monitoring system that is connected to the Nurse’s Station through an internet portal. Medical assistance and security will be only minutes away from any of the “Smart Homes”. Not only will every "Smart Home" be handicap accessible but the entire community will be handicap accessible.

The Activity Center will feature an extraordinary restaurant where you can experience the full range of the chef’s skills as he creates mouth-watering dishes. It will be the ultimate dining experience whether you are sitting at the bar enjoying your favorite drink or seated at a table nestled in the plush dining room.  In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner… you will be able to order your favorites from the grill at any time, 24 hours a day… whether it’s hamburger and fries, tacos or a made to order pizza, you can get it all. If you want to be treated like royalty… then have your meals delivered to your “Smart Home”. 

In addition to a state-of-the-art exercise room that includes a custom designed Hydro Therapy Pool the Activity Center will house a large meeting room that can be used as a conference center, an auditorium or a training room.  

“Smart Home” residents will have access to House Keepers, Bookkeepers, Dog Walkers, Hair Dressers, Manicurists, Massage Therapists, Laundry Services, Grocery Deliveries, Uber Car Drivers, Driverless Cars and Maintenance Workers... just to mention a few.

It is our intention to make these innovative, revolutionary communities available all over the world to all senior citizens regardless of income level.  To make the "Smart Home" Communities affordable to the masses we plan to incorporate government funding, grants, non profits, foundations, health care providers, insurance companies, entrepreneurs and investors in order to bring down the cost. 

How Big Is This Opportunity?

In the World... there are in Excess of 1 Billion People  between the Ages of 52-70 as of 2016

There are 77,000,000 Baby Boomers in the USA

10,000 People A Day Turn 65 Years Old in the USA

4,000 People A Day Turn 85 Years Old in the USA

There is a growing opportunity for us to leverage technology and transform the future.

People are living longer!

The world's aging population is driving demand for what we offer!

2016 Technology Market Overview Report

February 29, 2016

The marketplace for technology to assist aging adults in the Longevity Economy is expected to grow sharply from $2 billion today to more than $30 billion in the next few years.

New Tech-Enabled Home Care Initiatives Emerge

What Does It Mean?


Last year’s Venture Capital investment in the tech-enabled home care segment caught industry attention.  2015 was a banner year of capital infusion for the 2.0 version of the home care industry. As Honor revved up with a $20 million investmentHome Hero raised a $23 million round and launched a software platform and converted workers to W2 employees. CareLinx received a $3 million round in May and then just into the new year, Hometeam upped the ante with a $27 million Venture Capital round.  Meanwhile, at the start of 2016, an eye-popping market sizing from AARP/Parks Associates of $279 billion for all things caregiving-related further underlined a perceived business opportunity, including the projection of an additional 1 million jobs in home care.